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Monday, September 04, 2006

Sept. 3rd - Running the Lake..Part 1 & 2

Running the Lake can be so much fun. Cold, wet, fast & exciting.
Here's one way. Click the flash-movie link BELOW; it'll open in it's own separate small web-page. See what we mean.

Of course, not everyone can make the boat, get the tube and hang on. And all that with a camera in hand??? Certainly a challenge.

Try running the lake from the side of a truck. In the late summmer afternoon, near sunset, an overexposure invitation.
So, take the film you got and be a bit inventive, go sepia, pretend it's 80-90 or more years ago (OK the cars don't fit, but who really remembers what a model -T looks like anyway). Play it, fake it, add some different music and maybe you've got something, keep 'em hanging till the end, expecting...... nothing???.

Click the flash-movie link on the LEFT; it'll open in a separate small web-page, and you can watch what we're talking brave


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