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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sept 17th - York, Maine - little sparrow

Sometimes it just the wind & the water, creating an avenue for other sounds and images to flow. One day, in Maine, cool and comfortable along the edge of the waves, .... that voice and that tune just came across the water.

Click the flash-movie link on the left; it'll open in a separate small web-page, and then click the 'start' button twice to get it playing, see the waves, hear the tune. And that blue sky reflecting in the blue

This is actually episode 'two', the first one's in the VideoCam page, the noticeable red box (it's a nebula-like picture). Seems this tune can pop into your mind at unusual times.

The staff promises no more than three 'this tune' episodes this month; at least that was the promise yesterday. And two are already done, so only one to come still. Just gets a little too moody. And speaking of moody, moody in Maine, well that's the real MOODY's a great place to dine. But when traffic stopd you at the Wiscasset bridge, be sure to stop at RED's, for lobster roll, the whole lobster in a bun.... with onion rings. We're going back soon.


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