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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sept 27th - crickets & a little sparrow

The beach at Ogunquit, ME. The sand, the waves, the rocks and that music again. It just comes over the water. Or is it the mind going?? You can almost see words in the sand, heartbeats in the waves, and there are real roses along the path (the Marginal Way...). Getting cold and nearly soaking wet has nothing to do with it, but that's life and it happens too.

Click the flash-movie link on the left; it'll open a separate small web-page, and then double-click the 'start' button to get it playing. Oh, the impact of a few simple words in the right context.

..Et Des Que Je L'apercois
Alors Je Sens En Moi,
Mon Coeur Qui Bat...

The staff promises this is the last in this song's series. Or maybe it's time to practice even more french, time for a trip to Nova Scotia, a trip on the CAT ferry.... That's not a trip, but an adventure. And more water, more waves.......


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