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Thursday, June 29, 2006

June 28th A Right Place

More rain, puddles turning into small lakes again, could almost be the Pacific Northwest instead of the upper East Coast.

Only two short weeks ago, the same rainy weather, similar flash flood warnings, some of the support staff were on the road, crossing a rail-line, when suddenly in the rear view, a small rail-car zips by...then another, and another.

No script, no director, no rail-muse, just rain and fast cars in the mist. Seems there should have been a story. At least, we got this short video. Go ahead, click on the blurry picture up over there (it'll open in a separate small webpage)

Monday, June 26, 2006

June 25th The Goslings Story

People have asked me to tell the goslings story here goes, the short version. Maybe first you want to click the above 'flash movie' (and then double click again) to see what this is about.....

Here's the story ... last May (that's 6-7 weeks ago), heavy rains, flooded rivers overflowing their banks, roads covered with "feet's" of water (OK, there's a new way to use that word). The studio here was closed, which meant we were out checking the water damage if not trying to move water out of the basement (not many vounteers for the 'moving' job).

Anyway, we're filming the over-flowing water, the flooded roads, and we also catch two geese floating by .... first to the right, with the current, then later, to the left, against the flow. Seemed odd, but we were soaked by then & moving to higher ground.

A day or so later, the waters recede some, the roads open, some fields by the river are still flooded, like little lakes, and that's were we see the two geese with their new family - the goslings- swimming in the'field' (which is now asmall lake) first, just two, but later some believed there were four total.

Of course we went back to our earlier flood footage of the two geese...and sure enough, if you look closely, you can see they're 'escorting' two to four goslings at a time.....goslings we did not know were there when we first filmed the geese.
That was a good catch--shots we didn't know we had---and had we known what we were filming, we likely would have held the camera steadier.

Friday, June 23, 2006

June 23rd Road Trip

Now difficult to work for long without 'bear thoughts' popping up.
Always difficult to really 'work' period.

So, small road trip ... nostalgia day.
First find the cavalry headquarters,
then wait for the big boat.
Remember sailing the big lake, before color cam's.
Try a sepia pose. Add a little music.
Tried unsuccessfully to get anyone to pull a 'Titantic' pose on the bow.....
Next time we bring the professional 'muse' to get that done.
Can't formally title these as films without a real muse.

See how it looked

Click on the stern above. It'll open it's own window & start the movie.
Got to go secure the doors.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

June 20th Two Bear

Now it's the day before spring really gets here. About 8:00 -8:30 PM,central New Hampshire. Darkening, but still light.
There are storm clouds about, breezes, a little rain & some thunder outside, but the real storm seems further north.
Then, just when the breeze drops off...crunch, crunch, snap & another crunch.....
We look by the forest's edge.....
Most go to the second floor, for a better view down the 'sloping hillside' to the forest's edge.....That's were they see 'them'.....YES 'them'...
First one big black bear, looking up the slope...right at us....then a SECOND big black bear follows behind, out from the forest into the thick ferns & bush...
Two big bears.....
Well, grab a camera? Or be sure the doors are shut and windows all down (and any lying around dinner remains secured)....well we can do both at once, right?
In minutes (100 seconds, maybe) we're back at the 2nd story windows, ready to film, feeling secure. But now no bears to be seen......where are they?
Certainly they heard us, and that means they took 'appropriate bear action....' but where are they??
We can see and hear over quite a distance (we think).....but nothing, not a sound, not a sight...
These were big animals....where are they!!!

We've missed the moment....or are they just waiting for the night to get darker???

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

June 19th One Bear

The bear, the bear, the bear ....that's all the staff seem to talk about.

click the above 'flash movie' (and then double click again) to see what this is about.....

But it's been days and no new sightings, it's once in a rare event, seeing a bear. OK, it was late, getting dark, and the bear was BIG......
But , don't forget the woodpeckers have family now.
We'll have pictures soon.
That'll be daylight, of nobody's working tonight but me??

Monday, June 19, 2006

June 18th No bears yet

Hot, humid, buggy --- just the usual pleasures that come with filming in the northern woods.
Wait for the sun to go down? that's sorta not the plan, then it gets too buggy.
Need to re-discover that woodpecker nest....
it's on one of these (numerous) trees...there should be 'family' by now.......