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Sunday, August 27, 2006

August 26th - Indigo Bunting

Now this is a 'blue' bird that's not often seen in New Hampshire.
Not that it's rare, more it's just not seen that often....many times it's there and then it's gone. Often they travel in small flocks or groups, and it's like an 'eruption', a bunch of Indigo Buntings just 'there' and then all gone.
Here we had just one........

We waited and waited for the rest of the group to show up....but alas (there, we get to use 'alas' again) it was a no show ...just this one indigo bunting. Click the short flash-movie link on the right; it'll open in a separate small web-page, then double click the 'start' button.

Well we're thinking that's it for birds this season. Unless another giant blue heron drops in, or a grizzly turkey vulture, we're off looking for bigger game. One of the trucks reported a deer running & leaping across the RT 4 road this week....a small 4 pointer, but still 'bigger game'. More film to follow.

Monday, August 21, 2006

August 20th - Searching, Casco Bay, ME

Now kayaking and almost getting lost, ohhhhh awkward.
Not being able to find that spot where you started, the spot that leads to the parking area with the transportation, the dry clothes, more yummies.........oh, it's right there or here or 'any minute now I'll remember'......'trust me'......

Click the photo to the left; it'll open in it's own little webpage as a flash movie needing 2 add'l clicks to get rolling......see us searching for that spot, and notice how few other adventurers are about.
Liked the background music.....we really should have found a pirate ship; yes, a pirate ship.....that would have set the right mood ....arrrrrrr

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

August 14th - Waiting on a heron

So, we finally made the coast and got into water. Well at least we got wet. Nothing like the 'adventure' of kayaking with semi-expensive camera equipment you don't entirely own .... well, it keeps one upright; no flip & dip fun here.

Then to sneak up on a heron....ok, really sneaking up with a zoom lens, but still the hope was it would 'take off' to the right, providing a classic shot but she went to the left, behind the rock outcrop.....well then it was time to paddle like crazy and try to catch up.....

Click the short falsh-movie link on the right; it'll open in a separate small web-page ....and then you can get the drift of this film.....

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

August 8th - Flying Duck

Thinking of a stroll down to the marsh pond, we noticed it was already occupied. So we moved quietly, or at least we thought it was quietly....alas, just taking a few steps sent this mallard hen nearly right into us. And it's not often we get to use a word like 'alas' and this will probably be the last.

Click the short-flash movie link on the right; it'll open in a separate small web-page and you can watch this almost happen.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

August 1st Summer Turkeys

Seems these characters just won't go away. And now instead of just one or two, it's become a regular three-some.

Click the short-movie link on the right; it'll open in a separate small web-page and you can watch what we've seen at breakfast.

Yeah, Right..... it's August, and the beach and the ocean beckon.....

Speaking of 'beckoning', sit quietly on a deck in the hot sun for awhile and you just might start a conversation with a bird, or in this particular instance, a phoebe.
Usually any movement, even just a turn of the head and these birds will zip off .... but this phoebe had a different directive.
Click this short-movie link on the right; it'll open in a separate small web-page and you can see what this is about.