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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sept 27th - crickets & a little sparrow

The beach at Ogunquit, ME. The sand, the waves, the rocks and that music again. It just comes over the water. Or is it the mind going?? You can almost see words in the sand, heartbeats in the waves, and there are real roses along the path (the Marginal Way...). Getting cold and nearly soaking wet has nothing to do with it, but that's life and it happens too.

Click the flash-movie link on the left; it'll open a separate small web-page, and then double-click the 'start' button to get it playing. Oh, the impact of a few simple words in the right context.

..Et Des Que Je L'apercois
Alors Je Sens En Moi,
Mon Coeur Qui Bat...

The staff promises this is the last in this song's series. Or maybe it's time to practice even more french, time for a trip to Nova Scotia, a trip on the CAT ferry.... That's not a trip, but an adventure. And more water, more waves.......

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sept 24th ... Running Waves

Gee, take that semi expensive camera equipment into a boat!!
With those waves?? Wait a minute....we can shoot from the shore.
It's drier onshore...

Click the flash-movie link on the left; it'll open in a separate small web-page and double click then to see what's happening.

Something about a boat in the waves, the attraction, the control yet at the same time, the lack of control, the nature of the sea really in command, sort of, and of course, the fun & excitement & laughter....
.........ahhhh... it's the waves
and the mist and the mis-direction......

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sept 20th -3 Hawks Flying

Autumn, sitting back in the grass, relaxing in the warm sun & cooler afternoon breeze when right overhead come three hawks flying. Possibly one family group, soaring around each other, enjoying the same afternoon weather.

Click the flash-movie link on the right; it'll open in a separate small web-page, and then double-click the 'start' button to get it playing and see how it felt.

Something about that early fall afternoon, free as bird kind of thinking....just keeps you from getting back to that's part of the good thing.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sept 17th - York, Maine - little sparrow

Sometimes it just the wind & the water, creating an avenue for other sounds and images to flow. One day, in Maine, cool and comfortable along the edge of the waves, .... that voice and that tune just came across the water.

Click the flash-movie link on the left; it'll open in a separate small web-page, and then click the 'start' button twice to get it playing, see the waves, hear the tune. And that blue sky reflecting in the blue

This is actually episode 'two', the first one's in the VideoCam page, the noticeable red box (it's a nebula-like picture). Seems this tune can pop into your mind at unusual times.

The staff promises no more than three 'this tune' episodes this month; at least that was the promise yesterday. And two are already done, so only one to come still. Just gets a little too moody. And speaking of moody, moody in Maine, well that's the real MOODY's a great place to dine. But when traffic stopd you at the Wiscasset bridge, be sure to stop at RED's, for lobster roll, the whole lobster in a bun.... with onion rings. We're going back soon.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sept. 8th - Hummers

It's so difficult to be in the right place, with the right equipment, when a hummingbird opportunity appears.

Here we have two such near-opportunities, both 'filmed' just in the last two-three weeks. These are 'near opportunities' because they were 'fast-draw' shots, the moment arrives, the cameras fly, the bird disappears, kind of filming.
Different cameras, but it is the same 'flower' location, with the first shot from the northeast, and the second, from the southwest. Or the 'right' and the 'left' as some people say. And just days apart.

Here's the first, click the flash-movie link on the right; it'll open in a separate small web-page. It's difficult getting close enough to this 'action', even with a zoom; these birds are so seemingly sensitive to anything, any noise or movement that's not a plant.

The second one's the same planting, and probably the same hummer. It's a few days later. Again click the flash-movie link on the left; it'll open in a separate small web-page, probably the same small web-page as the one above.
Just not close enough to catch that 'hummer' chatter on the microphone. That squeaky song these birds sing.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Sept. 3rd - Running the Lake..Part 1 & 2

Running the Lake can be so much fun. Cold, wet, fast & exciting.
Here's one way. Click the flash-movie link BELOW; it'll open in it's own separate small web-page. See what we mean.

Of course, not everyone can make the boat, get the tube and hang on. And all that with a camera in hand??? Certainly a challenge.

Try running the lake from the side of a truck. In the late summmer afternoon, near sunset, an overexposure invitation.
So, take the film you got and be a bit inventive, go sepia, pretend it's 80-90 or more years ago (OK the cars don't fit, but who really remembers what a model -T looks like anyway). Play it, fake it, add some different music and maybe you've got something, keep 'em hanging till the end, expecting...... nothing???.

Click the flash-movie link on the LEFT; it'll open in a separate small web-page, and you can watch what we're talking brave

Friday, September 01, 2006

Aug 31st - Running in the woods on tracks

You can hike, you can bike, you can even ATV....still, there's just something special about running in the woods on tracks. Sure, owning and maintaining and transporting one of these railcars can be both fun & a chore, but the running's the real joy.

Click the short flash-movie link on the right; it'll open in a separate small web-page and you can see what this is about.
Encountering these while hiking in the woods can be a surprise, but then, hikers always stop-look-listen when crossing tracks, don't they?? shouldn't they??
So where are these tracks in the woods?
Miles & miles of 'em in NH.