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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Novelty not going to Vinal.....

"Just what are you bringing to the table?" she asked.
"Or are you just like a Dakota rancher, all hat and no cattle," she added.
"Whoa, Whoa," I said, continuing the cowboy analogy and quickly realizing
I had expended my entire wild west repertoire.  So I changed direction and began,
"The Novelty doesn't sail to Vinalhaven.  Squirrel Island, maybe, but not Vinal"
"That reminds me," she said, "I wonder if Cheryl's still selling eggs and peas,
beans, peppers, squash and lettuce at her roadside stand on the North Haven Road?"
"She was into lambing too, wasn't she?" I asked, "First with Horned Dorsets and
later with Romneys.  I prefer Romneys to those Dorsett's any day."
"But baby Horned Dorsets can be so cute," she remembered.
"I know, they can be so adorable, so difficult to resist," I said.
Weird conversation number 47,503 I thought to myself.   Was I really keeping track?