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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer storm project

This started off with great plans,
but soon turned into a lot of waiting...
waiting for something big to happen.
Much of the team gave up waiting and
went home. We stuck it out.
Something had to happen. But no.
We too tossed in the towel, and were
polishing off the film credits, when
Sparky got struck by a lightening bolt.
At least we think that's what happened.
That's why she's called Sparky, you know.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Time Traveling.....

Must have been a rip in the fabric of time & space.
One moment we're driving down a country road.
Next thing we know, as we crest a small rise,
we're in the only 'modern' car. Everyone else
drives vehicles that saw better times in the early '30's.
Quickly we take the next turn. But little change.
Now we're trailing an old '30's sedan. We speed up,
getting closer, only to have the sedan pull away.
We try again, but the sedan still pulls away.
We're traveling in time. And we can't get back. Yet.
Must be magic, that's everywhere.