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Thursday, July 27, 2006

July 27th - RED boat sails again

The local saying goes 'when rain floods the lower front yard, it's time to sail boat', or something like that. Click the short-movie link on the right; it'll open in a separate small web-page and you'll get the idea.

Looking a little worse for wear, the RED Boat from last season still floats. Couldn't find the sail (certainly didn't look too hard either). Seems the 'superstructure' alone was enough to catch the breeze. Yes, that's superstructure in there, spray painted red.

Wanted to mount someone's small movie camera on board, but found no volunteers with sea-legs. All shots are from shore. Seems our staff will do almost anything to avoid real work.

Monday, July 24, 2006

July 23rd After More Rain

Rain, rain, rain and even more rain.
Water over the road again.

Can't even get to Studio B.
Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week.
So much work to do.
Gee, so much water......

Try a side road .
There's a porcupine blocking that one.
Looking for shelter??

Starting to feel like last month...
I think we need a kayak or two........

Monday, July 17, 2006

July 16th Striped Skunks

Yes, skunks.
All of a sudden, no one's concerned about bears.
But watch out, don't step on a skunk rug. They move like a black & white floor mat, all together, all at once.
And talk about strength in numbers.
Make some noise, claps hands, stomp around....they don't run away but come towards you,...all 6 or 7 or eight of them.
Cute from a distance. Please tell me the 'nest' is half a mile away and don't mention that the young stay with their 'mum' for up to a year after birth.
Oh, please bring back the bears. I can deal with bears.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

July 10th Bear Breakfast

Started like any morning until a bear walked up to a bird feeder, sort of joining us for breakfast. Let's not mention that you-know-who had just filled those same feeders. Watch the short flash film by clicking the image to the right ( and a smaller separate webpage will open and then click the start button twice to start the film)

Now this character looked 'small' and cute, only about 5' and a few inches tall. That set us thinking....when the staff saw two bears together the other week, we assumed the first one was the big one seen earlier, and the second one, walking out of the woods, looked even almost everyone thought we had two giants in the back woods. But really, the first bear seen that fateful night was actually a smaller one, it's size likely hidden by the bushes & small trees and the second bigger bear was really the same 'big one' seen weeks earlier.

So now work is almost calm. It's only one big bear and one smaller bear.
And black bears are really vegetarians, tho they're also 'stomachs with legs' that can knock your head off if you're not careful (like in the old classic 'Clan of the Cave Bears).

OK, so did anyone bring the feeders back inside this evening? Will someone go and get them now???

Sunday, July 09, 2006

July 8th Waiting on a bear

New bear film coming....kinda in the flash-can now and it's so nice & summery outside, hard to get any staff inside to do that 'editing' work.......maybe later.

Meanwhile, when you find yourself concerned about 'meeting' bears outside in the woods, time for a road-trip to Clark's.......maybe meet Priscilla up close, watch her perform in her bear feet, bear down on her cycle and become just unbearable.

Always fun to give certain people those directions -- it sends them away for hours ---ahh, to enjoy those quiet summer days.

Never been to Clark's??? click on the climbing bear..... you'll go to their website, and get a little picture of what it's about.....

Monday, July 03, 2006

July 2nd Fireworks & a cooler

The past weekend's been good.
Warm, sunny, breezy and just the right number of thunderstorms. And as the tempature rises, we head to the nearby falls for an immediate cool down. Click on the waterfall to the right'll open in it's own webpage; feel the water, the noise and the coolness.

Last night, it was deer snorting and a bear sighting, both late, after the sun went down so no photos; again the staff's concerned about working (or playing) late.

Oh and then Sophie's 'playing with fireworks'....we're so low budget this month, click on the image below, it'll open in a separate small webpage; when the entire page goes dark (black) click anywhere above the line and the fireworks's will take off, we hope.

Feels like another T-storm coming.....gotta shut down & secure the studio.